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  1. a. A means to contact the club anonymously without posting for those who wish to send a private query. Ideally spam-protected data entry (only if reasonably doable). Ideally pushed to the current list of site admins, in case one is unavailable, etc. Other protocols could be discussed. If others are comfortable with the idea, I’m happy my cell # 613 323-7803 being posted also.

    b. Maybe a more explicit ‘Home’ page button? – though clicking on the title does nicely I found.

    c. A resources page of some sort including (and so maybe to get the ball rolling) …
    Canadian Go Association (CGA) https://go-canada.org/
    Sensei library http://senseis.xmp.net/?StartingPoints
    Go4Go pro games http://www.go4go.net/go/
    GoBase go news http://gobase.org/
    EidoGo joseki tutor & pro game database http://eidogo.com/
    OGS Go server https://online-go.com/
    Dragon Go Server (DGS) http://www.dragongoserver.net/
    KGS Go server https://www.gokgs.com/

    d. Make page title = “Ottawa Go Club / OutaGo”. Currently we are OutaGo on Facebook, CGA, Sensei library. we aqll seem to be agreed that the name people can be expected to seafch for and identify with in Ottawa at least is the “Ottawa Go Club”. However we want too continue to try to attract people from the Gatineau side / francophones also. We need however to have some agreed consistency of naming across all presentations. All of these other media channels need to be updated similarly and with links driving people to the new web site (once stable) also.

    e. Consider a language toggle on the web pages for static text (as opposed to aiming for bilingualism across all text and options) – and flip the title segments in ‘d’ too. Subpages may need to be unilingual to be practical about it however. (I recognize that this might not be very easy to implement and maybe it goes under future blue sky ideas below).
    Done – see menu above header image

    f. I’d like to see club open / closed time replacement text posted of 7PM-10:30PM please (i.e. rather than 24:00 format and with a closing time also as the current key bearer :).

    More blue sky ideas maybe more down the road and all pending discussion …
    g. An opt-in / opt-out push e-mail capability for upcoming club news (time changes, special events, upcoming tournaments, etc). Actual contact details privacy protected. May need disclaimer policy about sharing contact details? Would be a behind the scenes repository of name, rank, address, phone #s, e-mail, notes, optin-optout selections, paid-up status, membership date, etc, if we ever start to charge to defray costs, etc. However it is also important to have an easily accessible, shared, and up to date repository of player contact info for all admins and organizers for a variety of purposes.
    h. The option to occasionally have a special (elegant) advert highlight box ‘in your face’ on the main page for important upcoming news (such as promoting an Ottawa Cup Go tournament, or ride-sharing organization for a Toronto or Montreal tournament, special guest lecturer down the road maybe, etc).
    i. Maybe a public club members list at some point. Discussion needed first.
    j. Ability to register for an event (tournament, ride-sharing, other).

    k. A calendar function which would help set out what lessons are upcoming what evenings, and which all registered members could update to to write themselves in for as well, with ability to post study material links, etc.
    DoneAdd new event

    l. New club logo. Current one is OutaGo focused and we need something new and more general, also with a higher resolution graphics file than we do now.
    m. Consider a web page photo library. May need a consent protocol developed first.
    n. Ability to post a game in order to solicit feedback – open to members.

    o. Ability to contact a member and send a private message.

    p. Paypal or other convenient club membership payment method (if we move eventually to a modest membership charge).
    q. Internal club friendly tournament pairings and results.

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